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Camera Departement

Director of Photography (DOP)

Electronic (ENG) Director of Photography

Specialized Electronic Cameraperson

Jimmy Jib Operator

Steadicam Operator

Underwater Camera Operator

Motorised Remote Dolly Operator

Gyroscopique Head Operateur

Electronic Cameraperson (ECAM)

Electronic Camera Assistant

Camera Operator

1st Assistant Camera (Focus Puller)

Underwater Camera Assistant

2nd Assistant Camera - Camera Operator Apprenticeship Program

Anyone who wants to become a member of AQTIS as 2nd Assistant Camera needs to pass through the Camera Operator Apprenticeship Program.

Application information

Training days that apprentices selected by the Camera Committee complete with service companies are worth the same number of credits as apprentice work days spent on AQTIS productions, to a maximum of 30 days, recognized as 15 days of experience.

Clapper Loader

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

Data Wrangler

Video Assist Playback Operator

Video-Assist Playback Operator Assistant

Still Photographer

Operator Assistant

Drone Operator Assistant

24 FPS Operator