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Labour Relations

The AQTIS Labour Relations unit is responsible for the application and interpretation of collective agreements. It is an active participant in the negotiation of agreements.

The unit deals with a wide variety of files. Each individual in the unit maintains relationships with members, producers and producer associations. In addition to collective agreements, the quality service provided to members by the Labour Relations officials includes interpreting numerous laws.

Production Assignment Table

To determine which advisor is assigned to a current production, please consult the production assignment table, which is updated weekly.

The assigned advisors are in the best position to answer your questions quickly. You can ask any question, and be assured that the matter will be treated confidentially if that is your desire.

Assigned Advisors



    1. Kim Rivard Director of Labour Relations
    2. Ann Berrie Labour Relations Advisor
    3. David Giasson Labour Relations Advisor - Quebec
    4. Bernard Larivière Labour Relations Advisor
    5. Charles Marcotte Labour Relations Advisor
    6. Amélie Rose Labour Relations Advisor
    7. Marie-Hélène Caron Labour Relations Advisor – OHS Compensation
    8. Marilyne Proulx Labour Relations Officer
    9. Julie Rivest Labour Relations Officer
    10. Josiane Guindon-Croteau Labour Relations Officer